This is a short summary of the sorts of things I can do for you. If you’re in need of a particular skill and don’t see it here, please ask! If I don’t know it already, chances are I can learn it quickly enough to be of help!

General troubleshooting 95%
wordpress (installation, configuration, backup, plugins, migration) 75%
coding (Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, Clojure, shell scripting) 80%
Web development (HTML5, Jekyll) 70%
Data management (spreadsheets, scraping, conversion, database management) 90%
Server-side frameworks (Rails, Django, Flask) 60%
Audio processing/conversion (TwistedWave, REAPER, Audacity) 85%
Video editing (iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve) 65%



Here are some folks I’ve helped recently:

Lyndall Grant - Captivate Action

Using: Wordpress, Docker, lots more besides

As a result of a nasty attack, Lyndall had lost access to her Wordpress website. It wasn’t possible to log in to the administration console, the site was corrupted, and due to the hosting provider’s unreliable file transfers, it wasn’t possible to revert to an older backup of the site.

Starting from basic SSH access, I was able to download the files and database for the site, and work in a local Docker container to repair the site file by file. After getting basic functionality repaired, I then helped Lyndall gradually transfer over to a more reliable host, create a migrated version of the repaired site, and configure a dependable regular backup regimen to protect against any future issues.

Don Thacker - Imagos Softworks

Using: Google Spreadsheets

Don wanted to experiment with combinations of character names for an upcoming project. After getting in touch via Facebook Messenger to better understand his requirements, I got to work on modifying an existing Google Spreadsheet to generate batches of random names from existing sets of components.

We continued to communicate over Facebook Messenger and in-document chat to refine the results to Don’s exact requirements, and within a couple of hours we had a functioning spreadsheet that did the job. Don was able to create sample batches of hundreds of possible names at the click of a button.