You have problems

Annoying tech problems that you just want to go away. I can help.

I can make them go away, and communicate with you clearly, promptly and professionally throughout the process of working together.

Talking to you like a fellow human being is a specialty of mine. I've worked as an IT consultant for over 14 years, constantly connecting with new teams and technologies. I've delivered technical training for over 10 years, and have provided tens of thousands of hours of training to corporate clients, helping students break through to understanding of detailed technical problems.

In fact, communication is so much of a thing that I now spend a lot of my time as an in-demand voice actor! But I still love solving problems for people where I can, so I'm here to help.

As well as communicating clearly, I'm also used to learning on the spot. I've spent most of my tech career learning a skill very shortly before explaining it, or wrapping my head around a particular technology while troubleshooting it. I'm adaptable to your problem, and I love learning, especially when it helps solve someone's problem.

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